Look around do you see some items you no longer use? From clothes to electronics to baby toys? All these items are filling the house for no reason. Someone might be wondering what to do with them. Well, if you want to get ideas on how to get rid of them, this article will be of help. As you get rid of them, you must be careful not to pollute the environment. We living in a world where taking care of the environment is must to us all.


Exchange for new items

You will be surprised that upon giving away some items, yo will be able to get a brand new. Let us take an example of electronics. If you have a couple of old phones in good condition, then you can take then to a phones dealer for exchange. The new phone might not be the dream phone, but with the old ones, you will only be required to add a little and get what you one. You can use the extra cash for other bills.


Instead of staying with so many clothes you no longer wear, give them out as donations. There are people without anything to cover themselves up with, and you can be of great help. You can donate your kid’s clothes to a nearby children’s home. You will have cleared up yourself and most importantly blessed a needy soul. On donations, be sure not to give out your donations to con men who end up reselling them as second-hand clothes.


You can select some items and sell them. This is a good way of making extra cash. For things like phones, we have very many dealers buying them online. Research and find out the best. The dealers want the phones clean and in good condition. This is easy, dust it well and get all parts intact. You might make money to pay water bills for that month.